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Ob chronische oder akute Krankheiten –
die detaillierte Vorabklärung im Gespräch weist den Weg zur passenden homöopathischen Arznei.


Whether chronic or acute diseases - the detailed preliminary clarification in the discussion points the way to the appropriate homeopathic remedy.

The aim of Classical Homeopathy is to activate the self-healing process with the suitable medication.

Before the first consultation, the patient receives a short questionnaire so that he can, prior to the appointment, collect information about his own disease biography and that of his relations before treatment. Not only the present state is important, but the entire history of his childhood up to the present time.

You may download the questionnaire here - fill it out and deliver by mail


First consultation

In the first consultation, the symptoms, course of illness and personality will be recorded.
The duration of the first consultation for adults is 90 – 180 minutes, children maximum 60 minutes.

During the first consultation the following will be recorded:

current symptoms of illness and further ailments

general symptoms (temperature sensibility, thirst, appetite, etc.)

individual characteristics (character, mind, emotions,  etc.)

sleep behaviour

gastrointestinal symptoms


history of illness from birth up to present time

illnesses in the family

life situation (family, relationships, job, conflicts)

information about possible former medical examination

An appropriate preparation is very helpful to stimulate reflection which can already bring about possible solutions during the first consultation. This can generate gentle changes in your life situation and additionally support your healing process.


With this collected information I can define the suitable homeopathic remedy and potency for the patient. This process is done after the consultation and the chosen best remedy will then be sent by post with the fitting dosage and my recommendations.

Follow up

Six to eight weeks after the first administration of the remedy, a follow-up consultation is advisable.
We then discuss how your state of health has changed in this time. The frequency of your visits vary according to your ailment. Follow-up consultations last from half an hour to an hour. With chronic illnesses there will be a consultation every two to three months and with acute ailments the contact will be substantially more frequent.

 In case of need, a consultation in between over the phone may be meaningful.

You can contribute actively to your treatment by attentively observing your perceived changes and writing them down in keywords. Please bring this list to your next consultation.